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I am DarkIntaqt, a webdeveloper from Germany. I do a little bit of programming in my freetime and I'm pretty fluent at using JavaScript and TypeScript, CSS, Sass as well as some backend languages like PHP, SQL, Python and Bash. I mostly use React, Next.js, Vue.js and Node.js for my projects. Primarly, I am building and designing websites.


I have a few projects. You are currently on the first project I ever made public. This blog is not just my first public coding experience but also the scaffolding holding all the other projects together.


The blog started at the end of June 2020. The domain was bought shortly afterwards. Now, the blog covers many different topics.


The project I recently worked on the most is YearIn.LoL, a website that shows you your aggregated League of Legends performance over the course of a whole year. In a small team, I was solely responsible for coding the frontend (and probably causing the most trouble). YearIn.LoL was featured on several gaming news sites and overall I am quite happy how it turned out.

Challenge Website

Another project of mine is a "Challenge Tracker" for League of Legends Challenges. You can visit the site here.

Challenge Tracker

On this website, you can lookup the progress of your challenges. Additionally, there are leaderboards provided for each challenge, so you will never loose sight of your rank again. The Challenge Tracker is a NextJS open source project on GitHub. In the first 2 months there were about 1,050,000 profiles looked up and the number is still growing.

Other Projects

There are plenty other projects on my GitHub profile, feel free to check them out. Don't be shy to contribute!

About me

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