Rune Id lists - All perk Ids

Translating the perk ids to their corresponding data in the League of Legends API can be pretty exhausting, considering that some fields are not even included in Riot Games' Datadragon.

This list include all rune ids, their key, name and image. The pathing for perk images is a bit complicated, so it would be easiest to just follow the paths in Datadragon.

Perk Ids (Patch 14.12.1)

Domination (8100)

Id Icon Key Name
8100 Domination Domination Domination
8112 Electrocute Electrocute Electrocute
8128 Dark Harvest DarkHarvest Dark Harvest
9923 Hail of Blades HailOfBlades Hail of Blades
8126 Cheap Shot CheapShot Cheap Shot
8139 Taste of Blood TasteOfBlood Taste of Blood
8143 Sudden Impact SuddenImpact Sudden Impact
8136 Zombie Ward ZombieWard Zombie Ward
8120 Ghost Poro GhostPoro Ghost Poro
8138 Eyeball Collection EyeballCollection Eyeball Collection
8135 Treasure Hunter TreasureHunter Treasure Hunter
8105 Relentless Hunter RelentlessHunter Relentless Hunter
8106 Ultimate Hunter UltimateHunter Ultimate Hunter

Inspiration (8300)

Id Icon Key Name
8300 Inspiration Inspiration Inspiration
8351 Glacial Augment GlacialAugment Glacial Augment
8360 Unsealed Spellbook UnsealedSpellbook Unsealed Spellbook
8369 First Strike FirstStrike First Strike
8306 Hextech Flashtraption HextechFlashtraption Hextech Flashtraption
8304 Magical Footwear MagicalFootwear Magical Footwear
8321 Cash Back CashBack Cash Back
8313 Triple Tonic PerfectTiming Triple Tonic
8352 Time Warp Tonic TimeWarpTonic Time Warp Tonic
8345 Biscuit Delivery BiscuitDelivery Biscuit Delivery
8347 Cosmic Insight CosmicInsight Cosmic Insight
8410 Approach Velocity ApproachVelocity Approach Velocity
8316 Jack Of All Trades JackOfAllTrades Jack Of All Trades

Precision (8000)

Id Icon Key Name
8000 Precision Precision Precision
8005 Press the Attack PressTheAttack Press the Attack
8021 Fleet Footwork FleetFootwork Fleet Footwork
8010 Conqueror Conqueror Conqueror
9101 Absorb Life AbsorbLife Absorb Life
9111 Triumph Triumph Triumph
8009 Presence of Mind PresenceOfMind Presence of Mind
9104 Legend: Alacrity LegendAlacrity Legend: Alacrity
9105 Legend: Haste LegendHaste Legend: Haste
9103 Legend: Bloodline LegendBloodline Legend: Bloodline
8014 Coup de Grace CoupDeGrace Coup de Grace
8017 Cut Down CutDown Cut Down
8299 Last Stand LastStand Last Stand

Resolve (8400)

Id Icon Key Name
8400 Resolve Resolve Resolve
8437 Grasp of the Undying GraspOfTheUndying Grasp of the Undying
8439 Aftershock Aftershock Aftershock
8465 Guardian Guardian Guardian
8446 Demolish Demolish Demolish
8463 Font of Life FontOfLife Font of Life
8401 Shield Bash ShieldBash Shield Bash
8429 Conditioning Conditioning Conditioning
8444 Second Wind SecondWind Second Wind
8473 Bone Plating BonePlating Bone Plating
8451 Overgrowth Overgrowth Overgrowth
8453 Revitalize Revitalize Revitalize
8242 Unflinching Unflinching Unflinching

Sorcery (8200)

Id Icon Key Name
8200 Sorcery Sorcery Sorcery
8214 Summon Aery SummonAery Summon Aery
8229 Arcane Comet ArcaneComet Arcane Comet
8230 Phase Rush PhaseRush Phase Rush
8224 Nullifying Orb NullifyingOrb Nullifying Orb
8226 Manaflow Band ManaflowBand Manaflow Band
8275 Nimbus Cloak NimbusCloak Nimbus Cloak
8210 Transcendence Transcendence Transcendence
8234 Celerity Celerity Celerity
8233 Absolute Focus AbsoluteFocus Absolute Focus
8237 Scorch Scorch Scorch
8232 Waterwalking Waterwalking Waterwalking
8236 Gathering Storm GatheringStorm Gathering Storm

Statmodifiers (StatMods)

Every 3 rows form a row in the rune selection screen.

Id Icon Name Group
5008 Adaptive Force Adaptive Force Offense
5005 Attack Speed Attack Speed Offense
5007 Ability Haste Ability Haste Offense
5008 Adaptive Force Adaptive Force Flex
5010 Movement Speed Move Speed Flex
5001 Health Scaling Health Scaling Flex
5011 Health Health Defense
5013 Tenacity and Slow Resist Tenacity and Slow Resist Defense
5001 Health Scaling Health Scaling Defense
Rune Id lists - All perk Ids

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