League of Legends Profile Icons

Profile icons are a great way for summoners to give their profile a personal or funny touch.

As profile icons are this close connected to a specific summoner, it is almost essential to display them in some way on your app.

Please keep in mind that you have to add a legal boilerplate if you are using any assets by Riot Games.

CDNs hosting icons

There are several CDNs hosting profile icons, I will show you the three most convenient options.

Data Dragon

DataDragon is the content delivery network by Riot Games.

You can use the CDN by using the following url. Make sure to replace VERSION with the latest version (such as 13.7.1) and ID with the profile icon id (such as 29).

Community Dragon

Community Dragon is a data hoarding service of the League of Legends client. The advantage of this service is that it will reliable update when a new patch is out and also supports a "latest" path. Using this path, you don't have to enter a version every patch, different to Data Dragon.
Again, please make sure to replace ID with the profile icon id.


Another option is to self-host a CDN. You could use your own file structure and you don't really rely on other 3rd-party services.

To self-host Data Dragon, download a version first.
The profile icons are in the folder ddragon/VERSION/img/profileicon and you can put them in another path or convert them to (for example) .webp files.

League of Legends Profile Icons

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