Platforms, regions and how to route your API requests

The Riot Games API has several subdomains (host) to route to the region you expect a summoner to be on. The API uses these routing values to ensure that your request is hitting the correct and (in the best case) the nearest server. There are 16 platform routing values, the 16 different game servers. The regional routing values are several "grouped" servers. The Match-v5 API is using the region routing instead of a server one.

Platforms and regions

If you want, for example, the match history (which requires a region) from a summoner in the platform North America (NA1), you have to query the AMERICAS to get their match history The best way to know whether an endpoint uses a platform or a region as a host is to check the dev portal or read the endpoint documentation on this blog.

Region (host) Platform (host)
- BR1 (
- LA1 (
- LA2 (
ASIA ( - JP1 (
- KR (
- EUW1 (
- TR1 (
- RU (
SEA ( - OC1 (
- PH2 (
- SG2 (
- TH2 (
- TW2 (
- VN2 (
Platforms, regions and how to route your API requests

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