A list of Summoner Spell ID's in League of Legends

Summoner IDs are part of the League of Legends API and are pretty useful to get to know during a live-game which summoner spells a summoner has equipped or which summoner spell has the best win rate by crawling match-v5 games. There is a summoner.json file on ddragon which you can use to parse these files yourself.

Format using the summoner.json:

Latest version:


Summoner Spell IDs (Patch 14.10.1)

ID Icon Key Name
21 Barrier SummonerBarrier Barrier
1 Cleanse SummonerBoost Cleanse
2202 Flash SummonerCherryFlash Flash
2201 Flee SummonerCherryHold Flee
14 Ignite SummonerDot Ignite
3 Exhaust SummonerExhaust Exhaust
4 Flash SummonerFlash Flash
6 Ghost SummonerHaste Ghost
7 Heal SummonerHeal Heal
13 Clarity SummonerMana Clarity
30 To the King! SummonerPoroRecall To the King!
31 Poro Toss SummonerPoroThrow Poro Toss
11 Smite SummonerSmite Smite
39 Mark SummonerSnowURFSnowball_Mark Mark
32 Mark SummonerSnowball Mark
12 Teleport SummonerTeleport Teleport
54 Placeholder Summoner_UltBookPlaceholder Placeholder
55 Placeholder and Attack-Smite Summoner_UltBookSmitePlaceholder Placeholder and Attack-Smite
A list of Summoner Spell ID's in League of Legends

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